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Heart Ratings Explained

Each of the 100 dating sites on these pages has been awarded a "Heart Rating" of between one and five hearts. The ratings are decided after I personally visit the site to see how well it is designed and to check the quality, variety and numbers of members.

I have explained exactly what these heart ratings mean below:
5 heart rating A five heart rating is only awarded to the slickest, quickest, best thought out site. To earn this rating the site will have a large and diverse membership and be very easy to navigate. La crème de la crème!

4 heart rating A very good site with plenty of useful features and a large and active membership. This site is well worth a visit.

3 heart ratingA good site but perhaps lacking in volume of members or maybe a little difficult to navigate. Worth checking out as small is sometimes better.

2 heart ratingNice effort but perhaps falling a little short of the mark. This site might be poorly designed or suffer from a lack of visitors and members. Take a look in case it has recently been redesigned.

1 heart ratingThis site has made it onto the list but only just! Your ideal date could have posted a personal advert on here and received no replies because no-one else visits it. Best check it out in case!

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